About The Sanctuary Salon

The Sanctuary Salon was created on the foundation of modern hair styles and beauty. The creator of the salon, Brandi Hoover, had a goal to give all clients a large city salon experience in a local salon.

Over the years Brandi has delivered on her goals and assembled more stylists that share her passion. The never-ending desire to learn new styles drives the stylists to attend constant and continuing education courses. This is the reason The Sanctuary Salon has been set above in redefining modern cutting and trend setting. The Sanctuary Salon always ensures they have the newest techniques and most innovative products on the market.

At The Sanctuary Salon, clients not only come for the cutting edge styles, they come to get away from the everyday grind. The objective of our salon is to not just make you look fantastic, but feel fantastic, too!

The styles, stylists and the atmosphere all come together to create a salon that our clients have found there is no equal. The Sanctuary Salon has set a new standard through dedication to our customer service and a never-ending drive to be the best.